Dashcode in Mavericks, Yosemite, El Captain and Sierra

DashcodeOption 1:

  1. In Finder right click on Dashcode app
  2. Click Show Application Contents
  3. Open Contents directory
  4. Open Info.plist with TextEdit

Now modify the bundle identifier:







You can now open Dashcode without any Terminal tricks.

Also when you try to launch Dashcode it might say the App is corrupted and you need to move it to the trash.

To fix this, go to System Preferences,  Security and Privacy and under General select Allow apps downloaded from anywhere. Try to launch Dashcode again, click Open.

Make sure you go back to System Preferences after this and enable back “Mac App Store and … Developers” second option.

Option 2:

Go to your Applications folder, right click (ctrl click) on the Dashcode app,click Show Package Contents and in there go to the MacOS folder. Click the “Dashcode” terminal application in that folder.

Dashcode should now launch… along with a terminal window, you have to wait a bit.

That’s it… it should work… you still  get the horrible cross sign on the app though. And it might ask for your permission to access you Contacts and everything else.

Note. You can drag this terminal app to the desktop to create an alias directly to it, this way you get a faster way to launch it.

Note2. To close the app, first quit Dashcode, then quit the Terminal app.